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Pear Downloader Shows Successful Upgrade, But Doesn’t Upgrade? [RESOLVED]
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Philadelphia PA

Hello All,

I upgraded from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4 and finally to 1.1.5. In call three cases everything seemed to go fine from the Pear Downloader point of view. It said the updates were downloaded and upgraded OK. When I went to check the admin panel for the bug fixes I noticed that my Magento interface still says its running version 1.1.3 at the bottom and none of the bugs are fixed. I navigated to “downloader” directory under the store’s root directory and noticed there were a bunch of files that look like the ones that are upgrades, but am not sure of this. Any ideas?

Thanks much,


After looking through my files none of them were changed at all. So the installer downloaded something and apparently upgraded something, but it wasn’t in my store directory.

Update II:

I figured out that since I copied my store from a temp directory to a live directory the Pear downloader continues to update the old directory. To fix this I deleted the “pear.ini” file located in “/downloader/pearlib/”, and then reinstalled all packages.

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Hi jklina,

Thanks heaps for posting your update to this.  I stumbled upon the same issue and did a search on pear.ini here to try and find out if it was ok to delete or empty the file. I was quite relieved to find that deleting the file was ok.

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