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Magento Weekly Development Snapshots Now Available in SVN
Koby Oz
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Joined:  2009-03-11

Are you living on the bleeding edge?  Are you looking to keep up with the latest changes, enhancements and additions to the Magento code base on a weekly basis?

In conjunction with the engineering team, we are now glad to announce that Magento Development Snapshots will be made available weekly via our SVN tree.  The snapshots will be released on Wednesdays along with release notes documenting changes and additions. 

**NOTE: These should be considered alpha-level releases and may not be stable or work at all.  Under no circumstances should any development snapshot be used in a production environment.

You can get access to these release by accessing:  The latest version is 1.4.x-devel-64603 and you can find the release notes here:

Who is this for? These releases are meant for developers tracking the Magento codebase.  Examples would be those community members contributing code, anyone writing Magento Connect extensions, Magento partners who keep up with the code base and any independent programmer who would like to track Magento.

Who is this NOT for? These releases are not meant for the general public who are interested in downloading and trying out Magento and certainly not for any PRODUCTION SERVERS.

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