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Bargento 4 in Paris the 28/05/2010
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Joined:  2009-01-02

(If you want to help by relaying the information, a full media kit can be found here)

If you want to attend Bargento 4 in Paris, here is the “Bargento Survival Guide” here.

- Which E-commerce system to choose?
- What are the key advantages of each solution?
- How to optimize my online sales with the latest Web marketing techniques?
- Is it simple or even possible to migrate my site to Magento, what will I win in the process?

All those questions and many more will be answered during this 4th Bargento. Already selling online? Thinking to launch your own site? You already master Magento? No matter the case, everyone will find answers, contacts and interests in Bargento!

NBS System and Fragento invite you in Paris for this fourth edition of the most renown event around Magento. People used to come to Bargento will once again find the professionally and relaxed ambiance which define the “Bargento touch”. The newcomers will find an exceptional version of this particular event.

First of all, this 4th edition is definitely international. English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian and Swedish asked the team to create an “English compliant” Bargento in order to be able to come to Paris, listen to the conferences and enjoy networking with European companies. This wish has been answered, every conference will be translated in English and a translator will be in the International Lounge in order to create a fluent, language free, business discussion.

Zend is helping a lot in the process by offering an International Lounge where every English conversation can be held, where international exchanges can take place.

The customer is a king! This seems to be the main word around this Bargento. Live demonstration of EE and CE version of Magento, exchange places, workshops and animations like a coding contest will allow everyone to learn more about the leading software around E-commerce.

Magento’s team will also explain how this fund raising (22,5 M$) will help them transform the way people buy and sell online, on their mobile or even using SaaS platforms. An announcement will even be made about a new product!

In order to get a complete overview, specialists living on the Web marketing side of the moon will help us understand the stakes and methods to convert your site in a Ca$h machine!

Varien will, once again, offer a great lineup. Come to meet these master entrepreneurs. Roy Rubin (CEO), Yoav Kutner (CTO), Amit Shah (VP Sales), Koby Oz (Community Manager), will be there to exchange with us.

Bob Schwartz, E-commerce strategist and President (Interim) of Varien, perhaps Tim Schulz, Marc Sigal, Michael Bessolov or Scott Dahlgren will perhaps also be there.

Paypal will also honor us by revealing a major announcement during Bargento!

On Friday may 28, Bargento staff will be happy to welcome you in a very prestigious place in Paris :

CAP 15 – 3 quai de grenelle 75015 Paris

Conference schedule (some changes are still possible):
(Varien’s & Paypal’s conference will take place in a single big auditorium)

Room 1
08H30 Welcome & Coffee
09h00 Varien: Keynote and product announcement
09H40 Paypal: Special announcement
10H20 Breakfast
10H50 Introduction to Magento use & functionalities by the community
11H35 Smile: Case study with Magento EE version
12H20 Lunch
14H10 NBS System: Magento with a turbo, less than a second to load!
15H00 Capitaine Commerce & François Ziserman : User Experience is the key
15H50 Pause + refreshment
16H05 Developer Challenge Results
16H15 Netik: Magento for big and small?
17H00 Baobaz : Magento EE, the key benefits of this overpowered version
17H45 To be confirmed
18h30 Closing

Room 2
08H30 Welcome & Coffee
09h00 Varien : keynote and product announcement
09H40 Paypal : Special announcement
10H20 Breakfast
10H50 Quadra Informatique, feedback on Prismashop
11H35 Ysance : E-commerce and social networking, the next way
12H20 Lunch
14H10 Profileo : Webmarketing with Magento
15H00 Yireo : Joomla & Magento = Magebridge
15H50 Pause + refreshment
16H05 Developer Challenge Results
16H15 Muira conseil : How to sell 34000 products in 11 languages using Magento
17H00 Cybercité : Seogento feedback on Office easy
17H45 Zend: Using Zend products in development and production environment
18h30 Closing

During the day, you’ll also be able to:
- attend workshops & demonstrations
- See or engage yourself in the developer Challenge #3
- Visit the International Lounge, sponsored by Zend
- have free translator (human one)
- get free soft drinks for chill out
- take Breakfast, offered by Speedinfo
- get a Snacks (paid on site, bring money)
- leave luggages behind in a Cloackroom
- And of course, networking! Take a lot of business cards.

A small fee of 20 € is demanded to help us cover some of the costs. No tickets will be sold on site, please remember to register online. If you register at least 15 days before the event, you’ll get a personalized badge. You can already book your tickets here, news can be found on

The staff wish thanks to those who silently helps: Olivier Sauvage (Capitaine Commerce), Sébastien « SeL » Lepers, François Ziserman (Araok), Fabrice, Varien !

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