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What is the easiest / fasted payment method to get online with magento? 
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Hi. Ive looked at all the features and tried out the demo and i can see that Magento is a very cool and robust system.  However, this is my first ecommerce site (ive done many other types of sites before though) for a customer and i just want to know the easiest way to get online fast.  I am so confused by whether or not i need a payment gateway AND and merchant account ( tells me i dont need a merchant account, just them...)

i saw that i can get hosting through a Magento Partner and they will install magento for me - that is an easy and great first step. 

but beyond that, im confused.

can someone tell me if all i need is and this hosting partner and i can have an online store and accept credit cards and get the money in my bank account?

Thank you very much.  Its very frustrating to try to figure this out. i wish there were a “roadmap” to having an online store with Magento, or a “requirements” list similar to the hosting requiremetns list that spelled out what you need to have in order to have an ecommerce store.

Much Appreciated,

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New Haven, CT is both well known and very reliable. It should be pretty easy to set up since Magento comes with the payment system for it installed.

It has a monthly cost, however.

If you need something cheaper, paypal is easy rasberry

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