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Importance of 16GB Micro SD Cards. 
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Micro SD is basically a format that is used for removable flash memory cards. These cards are used in various devices like digital cameras, media players, cell phones, audio players, USB flash memory drives. MicroSD cards are so called because of their physical dimensions which is 15 mm × 11 mm × 1 mm; making them the smallest memory cards that are available commercially. This dimension corresponds to about a quarter size of a standard SD card. MicroSD cards have a capacity ranging from 64MB to 16GB. Also, it is known that a 12GB version of the microSD card was created by SanDisk
but never released.

Certain specific adapters are available that permit the MicroSD cards to be used in devices that are confined to SD, Memory stick, USB and miniSD cards. The 16GB MicroSD cards are different from SDHC (secure Digital High Capacity) cards. Even thought both of them have a similar form factor, the difference essentially lies in the compatibility offered by other devices to the high capacity cards. Not all devices are presently ready to operate with an SDHC card.

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