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Show two prices to retailers and only one to customers? 
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I am a distributor that happens to sell direct too and I am trying to have a way to show two prices to retailers.

Let’s say Product X has tier pricing setup this way :
- General (no tier rule, just regular price): 60.00 $
- Retailer : 40.00 $

Currently, each customer group gets only their own price.

I would like to add to my templates a line of code that says:

if  customer group is retaileradd a line with MSRP price for general

I wasn’t able to find the Magento code that does that. Anyone that has pointers help me please.

Thanks for your help

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It’s fairly easy to do.  If you visit my site at you can sort of see I do something similar, but not as complicated.

The first thing you need to do is open the pricing file:


If you use configurable/grouped items, you also have to work on those items in:


The next step is to pull the group tier that the customer is a member of.

Once you have that variable pulled, you can use this variable in a simple PHP if statement to check to see if the customer is a member of the retail group.  If they are, just do an echo to show the retail pricing.  IF your standard output echo shows the customer’s price based on their current group, this if/echo statement should show the standard non-retail pricing.  That way the non-retail customers see one price (the default pricing), the retail customers see their retail pricing, and the if statement only shows retail customers the standard pricing so they can compare.

Fairly simple, should only take 5 minutes to add in!

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