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Attributes for configurable product display: show dropdown options as UI elements (icons)
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Hello guys!
Sorry in advance if I post this to wrong category. I’ll coppy it to design questions as well.
So, the deal is....

I have a configurable product. Let’s say T-Shirt. Have 2 configurable attributes: size and color.  So there may be a lot of sizes and there may be or may not be some colors for each size. I’m creating configurable product based on combination of simple products and it works pretty well.

After I have created a product “T-Shirt” I got in front-end 2 dropdowns. The first one is for size attribute and the seccond one is for available colors for selected task. Everything works good in accordance with availability in stock.

So, the question:

How can I replace 2 standard dropdowns for color and size with smth similar that we can see here:;=apparel&qid;=1191857084&sr;=8-5#productPromotions

To realize script like in Amazon is not an issue at all. The problem for me is to get righ set of options for dropdowns and realize them as not a dropdown options but as UI elements like in Amazon (dynamically).

Thanks in advance. I’ll really appreciate soon reply, b/c now I see that I didn’t think that this task is a problem and deadline is really soon smile.

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