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lost admin, reinstall, can’t import tables
Andrea, Argentina
Sr. Member
Total Posts:  164
Joined:  2007-12-05
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hi all, hope you can help me.

My problem is that I was working with Magento here:
All worked fine. After one week, I’ve created a role and user to another person access to a particular admin section and
that worked ok.

After that, the next time I wanted to log in the admin panel as full administrator the page reloads each time I submit the user and pass (the data for the admin section was ok)
No error or denied access. Only reloads.

Then, I became desperate and begun to change things in the phpMyAdmin, in the local.xml file, etc. and lost my track.

After one day trying different things, I’ve decided install a fresh Magento in another dir. I’m using my theme and templates but I can’t
import important info (categories, products, lazzymonk blog, pages and static blocks, etc.) from the version I was working on, to the fresh

I wonder if you can help me to find my track again to continue working with the store.

Thank you very much

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