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Possible to route Magento pages through a SSL proxy? 
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I am a developer at the Danish payment gateway ePay, which offers payment modules to Danish internet Merchants. I have developed a payment module for Magento but would like to make it a bit more advanced than just as a popup-payment-window-solution as it is today.

However in order to save the merchants for paying money to buy and PCI security scan their own SSL certificates we at ePay offers a solution where our SSL certificate can be used, by use of a proxy. Here we fetches the HTML code from the merchants website (the magento website) and displays it to the cardholder by use of our valid and trusted and PCI certified SSL certificat.

I have posted a msg here on this forum, but no one have ever answered - perhaps no one knows what I really mean grin. It is located here:

The issue is that all images, css documents javascript etc within Magento are called absolute: http://www.thedomain.something/ur/image.jpg. Instead I need the images to be called relative: ../url/image.jpg. Otherwise some elements on the page are routed to the users browser outside our proxy and our SSL certificate and a security alert is displayd to the user, something like: “Some elements are not secure - display them?”.

Will it be possible to make Magento in a way so elements on the webpages are not called absolute? Or is there perhaps a setting somewhere which can fix this, which I don’t know?

I hope someone might help me - have a super day!

Kind regards,

Thomas Knudsen
ePay | Dit Online Betalingssystem

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