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Cart Price Rules stopped by application of Coupon Code! 
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Hi all - hoping someone can help me out here as its rather urgent (but aren’t they all.) Our Mage store has different customer groups which receive different cart price discounts based on the group, and some customers belong to more than one group and hence get more than one cart rule applied and this all works fine.  HOWEVER, when a customer with one or more cart discounts in effect applies a Coupon Code to their cart, all of their customer group discounts are discarded by the Cart and only the Coupon discount is applied.  We really need both to be possible at the same time.  I’ve identified the code that processes the cart rules but can’t quite figure out why this is the case, ie, why the rule w/a coupon code trumps all of the other valid/matching rules.  All of the rules are processed it seems but when the coupon code is assigned to the order it appears that perhaps the cart totaling logic only considers the discount amount tied to the input coupon code.  Anyone have any insight to share?  I’d REALLY appreciate it.



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We are having a similar difficulty. A coupon code I’ve created to give a 10% discount seems to override other shopping cart rules, even though they’re all set to not stop other rule processing. If I apply the coupon code to a cart that has no other shopping cart rules applied, I get a message saying that my coupon code is invalid. We are running version 1.1.6.

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