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Want to limit shipping country per store (not website)
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Joined:  2008-04-28

I’m sorry if question has been asked, but I can’t managed to do this.

I have two stores (no websites).
Store A, Country A
Store B, Country B

One for a country and other for another country. I want to ship from each store to selected country.

Accounts are shared between stores, which is great, and into each store, the customer can create one address in country A, and one address in country B. Which is also great.


The problem arrives when a customer enters Store A, creates an account in Store A and then… changes to Store B with dropdown, buys anything and gives Address A for shipping.

Can I limit the shipping method per STORE? Is this possible now? Will be implemented in near future?

I use stores because catalog and prices are similar.

Thank you very much. Your help is really appreciated in advance.

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