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How to create this kind of Product Between Bundled and Configurable? 
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Joined:  2008-08-27

I’d like to have a Simple Product that the user is able to Configure some parts of it. (I know, we have a product type called “Configurable Product").

However, the configuration must be done by selecting other simple products. (I know that for this we have the “Bundle Product” option).

However, smile neither I do intend to add new products to the Bundle (just need to change the main configuration options) nor I need to create a all new product (like the example Magento Give on cast with “my computer").
What kind of product should we use in this kind of scenario, where we have a main product and we only want to change some parts of it by choosing to change other simple products.

i.e. We have a computer and the user is only able to change the disk and memory, not the graphic card nor the processor.


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