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What part of code is responsible for outputting price to templates [solved]
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Joined:  2007-09-18

I can’t manage hide prices using overides and that kills me… cause I don’t want to modify templates for me it’s better just to overide classes and methods… I have found tha Mage->tax->helper->data get price partialy makes it working… but it shows 0… so there is additional formatting somewhere… where can I find this one??

Solved that price is outputed through app/code/core/mage/core/helper/data.php or in magento way Mage_Core_Helper_Data currency method… also I have had a custom written module hide price… I have updated it u can find it here: if any bugs occur do not hesitate 2 contact me… but I’m not full time developer so I develop code for magento only on free time.

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