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Where should a designer new to Magento start? 
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Joined:  2008-09-02

Wasn’t really sure where to post this, General or Design, but decided that it was most suited in Design after all.

As any new user (and I just assume current user) to Magento I want my own design of my store and I have gone through all the guides, movies, tutorials etc and I feel that I somewhat got enough information to be able to start digg in and start to learn, but I would like some tips on how to start.

Should I start with a completely clean package or would it be better to copy the default one and start to make changes to that one.
or isn’t a new packages even needed (or recommended) so all I should do is to copy the default template and go from there (or create a blank template and start to add stuff until I’m happy?

The fallback structure makes me guess that the best way to go about this, is to add a blank template (Yes, I did read about the skeleton template) and then start to add items rather then modify as that will in the end only include necessary code rather then having a copy of every document from default.

I do understand after all the great tutorials and posts in this forum where to put what, blocks, skins, layout etc, just not 100% sure where to begin my journey on designing for Magento.

Any input or advice on “how to kick off” is most appreciated

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