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Manage products and invoices by user or group
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Hi, i’m new to magento but i’m trying to implement it on a new project i have, but i have a problem.
I’m building something like a virtual mall, where i make deals with stores and they put their products on my site, this part is easy, the problem here is that i need that any of my clients can login on the administration of magento and be able to add products, categories and see the invoices, but restricting the access just to their products and invoices.

For example, i have “ClientA” and “ClientB”, each of them has 50 products on the store. When a buyer, buys a product that belongs to ClientA using the frontend, first i need to send an email to ClientA saying that it has a new invoice, then when the client logins into the Administration i need him to have access to the invoices, but just his invoices, not the ClientB or any other, the same goes for products is ClientA inserts the product A001 and ClientB the product B001, ClientA will not be able to see, edit, delete, or manage in any way products from ClientB.

How can i implement this example in magento?

Thanks in advance.

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