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Configure Magento to use Paypal Website Payments Pro (Canadian version)? 
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This is specifically about the Canadian version of Paypal Website Payments Pro. The Paypal website is not yet 100% up to date but the Canadian version of the Website Payments Pro service has been available as a pilot for over a month now. I spoke with the Paypal team and they tell me some ecommerce solutions are already supporting this. The person I spoke to at Paypal was aware that Magento was supporting the US version of this service but not the Canadian version.

I see that Magento already officially supports this Paypal service for the US and UK versions. 

Has anyone gotten Magento to work with a Canadian account for this Paypal service? If so, is the set up process the same as its American counterpart?

If there is no support for the Canadian version just yet, maybe the Magento team can let me know if this is planned for the future? I suppose a plug-in would be made like was done for the UK version?

Any information is appreciated.
Thank you,

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