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add a field for sales
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I’d like to add a field for sales.
This field will serve me whether my order has been exported via the API.
first, I created eav_attribut:

INSERT INTO `magento-1-1-1`.`eav_attribute` (`attribute_id` ,`entity_type_id` ,`attribute_code` ,`attribute_model` ,`backend_model` ,`backend_type` ,`backend_table` ,`frontend_model` ,`frontend_input` ,`frontend_label` ,`frontend_class` ,`source_model` ,`is_global` ,`is_visible` ,`is_required` ,`is_user_defined` ,`default_value` ,`is_searchable` ,`is_filterable` ,`is_comparable` ,`is_visible_on_front` ,`is_unique` ,`is_configurable` ,`apply_to` ,`position` ,`note` ,`is_visible_in_advanced_search` ,`is_used_for_price_rules`)VALUES (
NULL '11''is_upload_api'NULL NULL 'int'NULL NULL 'text'NULL NULL NULL '1''1''0''0'NULL '1''0''0''0''0''1''''''''0''1'

and then I added the attribute in app / code / core / Mage / Sales / Model / Entity / Setup.php

'is_virtual'        => array('type'=>'static'),
'is_upload_api'        => array('type'=>'static'),
'is_multi_shipping' => array('type'=>'static'),

The problem is that this field does not appear when calling the API sales_order.list

I can not solve this problem ...

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