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Date in backend is tomorrow
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Joined:  2008-08-21

I’m in the US Central time zone. I think my server is one hour ahead.
I have had the Magento time zone set in System -> Configuration -> General since the beginning (about 2 weeks ago) to Central (America/Chicago).

Since the time isn’t shown anywhere, I didn’t notice any problem. A few hours ago I noticed that the date showing at the top of the Admin says Sept 2. That is tomorrow.  Where is Magento getting this date? My computer date is correct.

I think it might be related to the problem I had a few days ago where it suddenly wouldn’t let me log in to the backend. Lots of people had the problem and said it was due to the cookies’ time being different than the server time. But I finally fixed that by changing to session files instead of session database.

Also, earlier today I was in the backend and clicked a link, and the browser said that the connection was refused. I could go to the frontend and to phpmyadmin, but not the backend. A few minutes later, it worked again. (Good thing, because I didn’t know what to try.)

Central time is GMT minus 6 hours, so I wondered if some part of Magento is using GMT and it’s not getting converted to the chosen time zone before printing the date on the admin panel.

Anyone else having this?

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