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How can I work out this shipping options! Please look
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Hi All!!

I have a problem, and been tearing my hair out how to do this.

This is what the client says.

How do we add more postage option for New Zealand, slippers are $6 nationwide, rural delivery on slippers is $11, boots are $10 in North Island, $12 South Island and $16 rural delivery.  We need to offer combined shipping options for multiple purchase orders.

International deliveries need to get a shipping quote emaiiled to them.. For example a pair of boots to the USA is $24 postage.

I have tried table rates and other things but can’t get it to work.. the only way I can think of it to work is by WEIGHT maybe??

We need to offer combined shipping options for multiple purchase orders. (This is the part that is hard)…


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Napa Valley, CA

I think you’re best off having someone write a ShipXML module for you. O you can wait until someone writes it for the community. There is a UPS and FEDEX module on its way, which is for the States, but there are also modules written for Australian shipping criteria. Find the kid who wrote that and hire him to write you your code. I’ve had the code written and implemented for a website and it was not too spendy, especially for the time requirement and importance of saving every percentage point we could on shipping. If you want a reference for this person, please send me a PM.

Otherwise we wait, 1.2, 2.0, who knows when it will be integrated into Magento. Solving international shipping criteria and combining products to maximize shipping costs for your customer should be worth the money for your client and I do recommend hiring a programmer to truly solve your issues if your project is worthy of the effort. Otherwise, we can’t be in too much of a hurry to get a Magento site into production without some serious compromises in at least one fundamental part of your site.

The beauty of the open source is we can make these the little changes our businesses require without waiting for someone else to do it for us, as is the case with most pay cart options. I always seemed to find one deal-killer in their offering that wouldn’t allow a well established online business to make the switch to their service, and with them there was no option to change it. Not that I know how to do it but other people do!

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