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Get involved tax rates including their names
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Hey everybody,

I tried to find a way to display every tax type/rate which is involved in price calculation of a single product. Had no luck so far :-(
I already found a way to display the calculated percentage of a products tax part, but that’s not what I wanted.

For example I have might have two tax rates:

19% VAT
8% eco energy tax

The eco energy tax needs to be calculated on top 19% VAT:

232.65 excluding all taxes
276.85 (plus 19% VAT)
299.00 (plus 8% eco energy tax)

I want to display a product’s price similar to the calculation example above. But can only display the calculated percentage of all tax parts (which is in this case 28.25%).

Does anybody know which class I need to have a look into or which method call will result in such values? Any help is appreciated.

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