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identify the country where customer’s computer is? 
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I’m just setting up my first web-store and I have a few questions that i would like to get right before I get too far…

The store will accomodate anyone that wants to buy the merchandise - no matter where in the world. But there will be different prices (because of different VAT-rules and shipping costs) depending on where the customer is. One price for Sweden, one price for countries within the EU and one price for countries outside the EU.

How do I go about this in the best way?

Can Magento feel where the customer is coming from? and if so could it display the prices that applies to that customer?

Should I set up multiple stores - one for each payment rule - or should I have one store and multiple store views? (As the site will be in more than one language I will anyway make multiple store views).

Thankful for any suggestions!

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