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Using web service API for product updates
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-08-08

I’m using the web services/SOAP API to keep product qty/prices up to date and add new ones as things change in a daily csv export from an old point of sale system.  The web service processing to update works well, and is handy to point a cron job to, but is only able to get through about 100 products in 20 minutes.  Seems unusually slow.  The file has about 11K products in it, so inventory updates we used to do 3 times a day in 10 minutes will now take over 3.5 hours per update and presumably be consuming server resources that whole time.

Was hoping to optimize things using a single product.list call and an array compare - so only update those products where price/qty have changed.  But neither price or qty are included return values from that call. 

I think the next option would be writing a module inside Magento which might go faster.  But I’m not really finding a foothold in the documentation or forums on how to do that.  Any pointers in the right direction or sample code on ways to optimize this update process would be greatly appreciated.


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Roy Andre
Sr. Member
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Joined:  2007-08-31

We are experiencing the exact same problem. Our export from a retail system we’re integrating towards is very slow. We think the problem is in the API for (and others).

Have you found any solution how to optimize this?

Maybe Varien has some more information about this?

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