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To use Magento with my client I would require the following functionality….. 
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Hey all,

I have a client for whom Magento could be very useful.  However their requirements don’t seem to be entirely covered by Magento.  I thought I’d put them down.

1. Offline credit cards
Firstly, the ability to process offline credit cards is crucial.  That is, the website would take the customer’s credit card information but the card would be processed manually offline.  This obviously would need to be handled carefully and securely.

2. News
My client requires a News facility to be able to post simple articles that get listed dynamically on the home page.

3. WYSIWYG editor
The landing page facility in Magento is great.....but its essential for my client to be able to provide content in a WYSIWYG editor as the staff don’t know HTML.  EVerything else in the system seems to be able to be done by a non technical person so it seems a bit odd that users are required to know HTML

4. Associate a PDF with a product
For some of my client’s products it must be possible to associate a document, such as a PDF

5. Product grouping
IT must be possible to have a landing page with lots of `product copy` then at the bottom of the page there would be multiple similar products listed, usually in a table, with each product having its own Buy Now button. The columns of the table would represent the attributes of the product. 

This table listing would be in lieu of having one page per product .

6. WYSIWYG editor in product description
THe product descriptions for my client’s products are usually fairly long, like actual articles.  THis is because the products they sell are complex, unlike say a t-shirt or ipod.  IT should be possible for the client to use a WYSIWG editor to create product descriptions

7. Subcategories
There are some landing pages on my client’s site where one can see in the navigation both the categories and subcategories.  IT should be possible to define and display these subcategories in Magento

That’s probably it.  If magento addressed all of those things then, combined with the existing functionality this platform would be perfect for my needs.

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