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What should be in the Store column for import ? 
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Joined:  2008-07-07

This issue must be due to some bad logic that was left around when specific stores had specific products.

I defined my Store and Store Code, and I put the Store Code in the first column of the import.
The import works perfectly BUT I can no longer change the visibility of the product from the admin panel, it is stuck on whatever I set it to on the import. Worse yet it appears to change but really it does not.

The reason for this is by importing the product into my specific store I created 2 records for the catalog_entity_int, one for each store, I seem to be able to change “my stores” visibility attribute and not the “main” stores. This causes the table catalog_product_enabled_index never to change its visibility..

So what should be in the store column for import ? I guess whatever was there when you exported your test record. But really if products are no longer store based then drop that column from the import !!


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