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custome/form/register.phtml - Show Address Fields
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I am currently adding two-step authentication to magento and here is my first problem - I would like customer to enter phone number during registration. In the file customer/form/register.phtml i notices this fragment of code:

<?php if($this->getShowAddressFields()): ?> [...] <?php endif; ?>

which bascially let user enter his first address during initial registration. This is exactly what I was looking for, however I looked through entire AdminCP and Mage_Customer module, this variable show_address_fields is nowhere to be found. For the time being I have overriden Mage_Customer_Block_Form_Register with my own class, which inherits from oryginal one adding this method and it always return true.

I know this feature is enabled in Multishipping module, but I am still wondering if there is any better way of enabling it?

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