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Moving Removing Elements From Default Theme
DK Takeshi
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Auckland, New Zealand

Hi all,

I’m trying to implement Magento using the default theme layout.  I like the way the site is laid out, and the way things look, except for the colours of course.

I’m not a web designer or a web developer, just an engineer.  And I was wanting to know where to start looking, to change the code that brings up the content on the “left and right” columns?

I’ve tried looking in the layout files in the *.phtml files, but I haven’t been able to find anything that looks like it relates to it, or even where that information is stored.

Was hoping someone can help point me into the right direction, even some documentation would be good.

Hope someone is able to help!


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New Haven, CT

It’s not in one location, unfortunately. Not being a developer or designer, you might find this a hard system to get a handle on..

anyway, the layout XML files use a line reference="left" or reference="right" for items in the right or left column.

If you turn on template path hints, you will have more success traveling the trail to find the right files:

navigate to: Admin > System > Configuration
change “Current Configuration Scope” to the actual store (drop down menu, top left)

When you then navigate to Admin > System > Configuration > Develope(tab on the right)r > Debug(tab in main area) the template hints option will be available.

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