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Installation on Windows Server 2003
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2007-11-17

Okay, I have a Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 with:

Apache 2.0.59 OpenSSL
PHP 5.2.4
MySQL 5.0.something

I rad about problems with installing Magento to Windows but there was no problems which was mentioned on that information and httpd.conf file haves no some options that was mentioned on it and .htaccess file not need to renamed to txt.htaccess etc.

So on my server confircuration installation of Magento work similar than in Linux and same settings to Apache and PHP must made with that difference right dll files of PHP must be in System32 or System folder of Windows…

Problem is SSL support of Magento not work and if I try to use Web address like https://www.some.domain/magento/ then Magento not work anymore and there comes errors like Apache Proxy Error or images and CSS file not work..

Main problem is that Magento adds to web address it own things so web address looks like this https://www.some.domain:80/magento/ or http://www.some.domain:443/magento/ or http://www.some.domain:{port}/magento/

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