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changed template structure after upgrade
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-08-13

I upgraded from Version 1.0.1… to Version 1.1.3. The Upgrade did not work via Downloader. The Connection Manager said: everything successfully updated, but nothing changed, so I did the Upgrade outside the Downloader again.
After that, the product pages loaded only half. After some hours of research, I found out, that the whole template structure from 1.1.3 is different to the old one. That is why nothing works anymore.
Why do you do such things? I now have to re-design the whole checkout process and product pages! That is really annoying!
We wanted to go online long ago, but all the time there appear such errors! One problem after the other.
If I knew that before, we would have chosen another shop system. I can not recommend it for productive work.

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