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The “Special Price From Date” auto-fill problem
The Sunday Paper
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My searches aren’t turning up any mention of this on the forum, although I’m sure it’s been brought up before: If you enter a Special Price on a product, but leave the Special Price From Date blank and save, the Special Price won’t show up in the storefront.* When you return to the edit page, the Special Price From Date will have been filled in with the inverse of the date you set it — for instance, I set a few on August 12 that were postdated to activate December 8. To get around it, you only need to make sure you fill in the date with something. But I wonder what the source of the problem is, and if it affects anything else?

*I suppose the Special Price <i>would</i> show up in the storefront if you set it on August 1–7, of course… but then you’d never notice there was a problem!

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