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Collecting Strange Happenings (Bug collection)
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I ran across a really baffling error (which kinda makes it impossible for me to use Magento...sadly, it’s such a promising system (except for the templates...but that’s beside the point))

I’ve got two computers I’m developing on...well, to keep at the truth, I’ve got one I’m developing on and one I’m developing for.

The one I’m developing on is a MAC OSX 10 machine with MAMP.

The one I’m developing for is a debian server with Apache2.

Well, here’s the story. All works fine and great for the local machine. But as soon as I try installing Magento on the remote machine, strange things start to happen. Now you may say: ‘Hey, this isn’t the installation forum’. Yup, it isn’t. But I’m posting here, because the errors appear only after the installation.

Anyway...I will be posting four screenshots. The odd ones are always the local pictures, the even ones are the one from the server. I guarantee you, I’ve followed the very same procedure. Does anyone know why these strange things occur...and more to fix them?

Oh and besides the obvious happenings...locally it’s enough to write localhost.../magento/admin to go to the admin panel.
Remotely I need to add ‘index.php’ so IP/magento/index.php/admin

Server rewrites are turned off in both cases (identical installation). Does anyone have a reason for this?

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