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How to get started with Zend Framework? 
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I’m a procedural PHP coder, quote happy to simply hand-type in a colour-coded, syntax highlighted IDE. I use Zend Studio 5.5

As I need to port all my osCommerce hacks over to Magento, I now finally need to get to grips with something I have put off for ages, the dreaded OOP and framework stuff.

I just wanted to ask, in order to effectively extend/hack Magento, what setup do I need?

Will my edit-over-SFTP Zend Studio approach suffice or do I need to install Zend Framework, get a subversion client etc?

I would appreciate is you could give me an insight in your ‘toolbox’ so I now whether I at least have everything ready before I dive in.

I have:

- Zend Studio 5.5 with built-in FTP client
- Beyond Compare
- Command Line access via Putty

I don’t have:

- Zend Framework fully installed and working (tried to)
- Subversion client installed and working fully (tried to)

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