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Need help in chosing…
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Joined:  2008-08-14

Hi all,

I was setting up a website with Joomla+virtuemart when I stumbled upon the “InfoWorld review”.  Now I need to make a choice.

Can you answer these few questions or point me to the relevant documentation?

My webiste will be selling renewable services so I will need a cart, but also a CMS to present my company with a few menus and sub-menus.  I don’t need a full blown CMS.  Can Magento do this?

I will need to launch scripts after a payment confirmation.  Can this be done with Magento and a minimum of PHP knowledge?

Can I easily get the info from the users registration to include it in a post-payment-confirmation script?

Many thanks for your help and sorry for the, what may be, obvious questions.  I’m new to e-commerce.


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