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Minimum Quantities Warning not working properly
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Porto, Portugal

Hi everyone,

I need someone to tell me if this in fact occurs with your Magento instalation.

If you have any product that has a minimum quantity order (let’s say, 4 units) when you click the Add to Cart button in the Grid/List view, you should get the warning on the top saying it cannot add because you need to specify more than 4 units. However, what it does is to redirect the user to the frontpage and the message only appears if you get back into the catalog.

This can be a major annoyance to the client and should be more than a reason for he/she abandon the website thinking it does not work.

- Stay on the same page, showing the warning for the user to understand
- Add the minimum quantity to the car with another warning stating why so many products were added at the same time…

This situation makes the “Add to Cart” button pointless in this grid/list layout.

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