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n00bie question - please have mercy
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Joined:  2008-08-03

I have searched for the answer, a couple posts with a similar question came up, but it wasn’t resolved.  I hope I can do better wink

I have mostly configurable products, and they have options that are an additional cost.  When I go live (next week I hope!!) I want to have a 10% off everything sale.

So I create the price rule, and apply it, and all the products get discounted, but the options do not.  On the flip side the simple products are discounted correctly, so if a surfer searched for a sku they could buy the item at the 10% Off (which would include the selected options)

Widget1 = $100
Red +$10

so a Red Widget would be

$110 minus 10% = $99

but it displays $90 for the widget, and still charges a full $10 for the option.

If I do a search for Red Widget, I get the simple product, and its price is the correct $99

So do I need to run a pricing update or something to get the options discounted, or did I miss a setting in the backend?  I also know some PHP so if I need to change some files I can do it, with a little direction..

Thanks for helping out the new guy!! red face

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