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How to store other payment data with an order ? 
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Joined:  2008-03-09

Hi, I’m wondering if someone could help me solve something here.

I’ve been implementing a payment method called pxpost where a user enters their payment details on a form hosted on another website.
I have data like the following that I’d like to store with the order.

Amount : 47.00
Auth Code : 050417
Card Name : Visa
Card Number : 411111........11
Expiry Date : 1111
DPS Reference : 00000004058afa44
Success : 1
Response Text : APPROVED
Card Holder Name : MATT
Currency : NZD

What I want is that on the checkout success page when you actually show the printed order instead of displaying the default text “pxpost” which comes from the payment method name, I’d instead like it to display something like “Visa 411111........11” which comes from card name & number.

In the admin section when you actually go to view an order I want to be able to see the same thing, but also the
DPS Reference Number which is required to do refunds.

What blocks would I modify to get that shown and how would I go about passing this information to the blocks from the controller so that they are located correctly with the saved order?

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