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Using Magento With Firefox
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Auburn Hills, MI

I’m not sure if this subject has been broached anywhere or not, but I haven’t seen anything posted yet so I figured I’d throw it out there.

I was working with Magento using Firefox when I initially started building my own E-commerce site about a week ago and was flying through the work once I figured out where the skinnable files were located, but I’m noticing I’m not having any luck saving any of my changes through firefox.

I spent the better part of the morning yesterday confused as to what I was doing wrong. Then I thought, maybe it’s a cookie issue, but when I deleted all my cookies for my own site, then the Magento site and finally all my cookies altogether I realized FF was not playing well with Magento.

So I switched over to the dreaded IE; which I only use for cross browser compatibility testing, and was able to continue adding new products and categories once again.

Has anyone else had probs working with Magento & Firefox? I’m running FF

A Couple Helpful Magento Resources

Design/Development Tools (For Firefox)

This is a linkroll I started on for Magento. I’m continuing to add to this list as I find new help topics.
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I’m surprised to read that you have problems specifically with firefox, because we develop Magento using firefox and only test on other browsers, so firefox would be the most tested platform.

Could you give more details about the problem? Error message?

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