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English transactional email with non english locale in admin interface
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I have little problem but I don’t know if it’s a bug or not.

I have 2 websites and 1 admin interface
1 website in English and 1 in Icelandic (icelandic is the spoken language so it’s also the locale for admin interface)

I found that magento sends Icelandic transactional emails for the English store even though I configured that stores locale to English.
What I did then was to load all the english transactional email templates to the Transactional Emails in System - Transactional Emails and then configured the english site to use the english templates from there instead of Default from locale

My problem now is that the Transactional Email getting sent to the English store is in English BUT…
The Product Name SKU and Qty portion of a New order email is still in Icelandic

Isn’t this a bug or better yet shouldn’t the store/websites locale be used instead of the administrators interface locale when sending transactional emails when the configuration in System is set to Default from locale per store/website?

Hope this isn’t too confusing
Thanks Gudmundur

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