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Options template
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There is growing sentiment between many users that Magento would benefit greatly from an options template system that can be applied to products. When it comes to custom options, some of the larger stores just cannot spend the hundreds of man hours creating 100,000 different options for 5,000 products.

While I absolutely love Magento, and would love to switch over to this platform, we simply cannot do so without this feature.

If we can create maybe 20-30 option templates (or however many are needed) that can be applied to various products, with the pricing able to be set as a percentage, Magento would be an extremely viable solution. As a merchant with several years of ecommerce experience, this is something that is an absolute necessity

There are many of us that have requested this feature, and going forward on an enterprise level scale, I believe that this is incredibly important.

This has been mentioned numerous times in the forums, and I have spoken to several people that also cannot switch to Magento because of this.

Is there any chance of this happening in the near future?


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I understand that quite a lot of time passed since this request, but probably you or some other members are still interested in a solution for this. We have just released extension that allows to create custom options templates. More details about it here:

Looking forward to your feedback.

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I have used the options template from altoc..and love it.. it was a tremendous time saver..

I have version 1.4 magento installed and I purchased the extension because it would take me months to enter new products with allthe options I need to asign to each product..

, I design custom clothing to client specs.. every product needs a template..

the only problem I have is upgrading to a newer version of Magento, I have to purchase the extension again for the current version of magento..
Most people like my self don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t have that kind of money..

so many people need this feature and its a shame you cant find a free one to install..

does anyone know of a free options template extension available? you cant tell me all developers are using this extension to make money.. no one has a free one?????

I am upgrading to version1.6 and have over 200 products on my store that needs custom options and most of my products have same options.. how long do you think it will take me to upgrade and get the new install up and running and good for public use?

Custom options template extension should be included in the free version f magento.. i believe most businesses would benefit from this feature if it was included in the default download of magento..


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Take a look at the Advanced Product Options extension. It allows creating templates for custom options. Moreover, it adds many great other features to gid rid of configurable products and use custom options instead.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Our Images as Custom Options extension allows to put all configurable options on one page that works with AJAX with no reloads.

Your store will be equipped with the advanced set of options:
- Add any number of required options (specify title, price, select image per option)
- Set the sort order to adjust to order of options appearance on the page
- Add several images to have the main product picture updated according to the selected color or anything else (depending on the industry requirements).
- Price is set for each option individually and the total is updated once an option is selected
- Different prices can be set for every single option. You can even set different prices for the same option: so if you choose the “A” scenario you will have one set of prices, and if “B”, you will have another set correspondingly.
- Flexible Size option settings
- Fully AJAX driven product page
- and many more

Check the product page to find an example website.

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