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Three operating, independent stores on the same host…….can they be re-configured to run off the one database? 
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Joined:  2008-05-18

Hi All,

Does anyone know if three seperate stores on the one host can be re-configured to run off a single database? I’ve looked at a few threads like but they refer to situations where one store is up, and the others are manually configured during installation. Can they be re-configured after installation?

I tried installing a new Magento store but not setting up a database via Simple Scripts on Hostmonster but this breaks the store.

Would it be a matter of editing local.xml on two of the existing stores to point to the one I want to use as a central database? Not having any coding skill I don’t what to edit it to.

Tried setting up multiple sites through one but can’t get it going despite all the threads on it.

Thanx simo

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