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does magento support features out of the box ? 
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Joined:  2008-03-13

Just receive a customer enquiry for setup a shopping cart with following requirements

Support showing the selected products to be shown in the ‘New
products’ session in the index page of the website

Product Discount and Coupon System

1. Product Discount with expired day feature.
2. Coupon ID: set your coupon id for special discount
3. Member Discount: different Price for different Customer feature
4. Also buyers who buy volumn orders can enjoy volumn discount.

13 Wish List System

1. Each Members are able to put products in their own wish list, they
can modify their own wish list by add and remove the items

14 Tax Functionality System

1. Flexible tax implementation on a state and country basis
2. Set different tax rates for different products
3. Charge tax on shipping on a per shipping service basis

15 Promotion eNews to (All) Members System

1. A HTML editor is provided for administer to type in the promotion
news with photo linking function included
2. Administrators can select individual member or email to all
3. Email will then be sent to selected members directly

17 Bonus Point System

1. After purchasing, member can earn bonus point for the products
2. Administrator can manually adjust the bonus point of each member
and each product
3. The bonus point is permanence effective

19 e-Newsletter Construction and sending service

1. Total ONE version of email newsletter of HTML layout design (1
Language version )
2. Size and format will fit for mass email sending
3. One off e-Newsletter mass emailing
4. Report will be given to client listing the email users who
opened the e-Newsletter

Does Magento supporting these features out of the box ??

And customer’s web hosting environment is php4 , mysql 4.0. is it compatible with magento ?

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Joined:  2008-07-09

Product discount and coupon features you mentioned can be done with customer groups and price rules.

Wishlist.....should not be too difficult to write a module for this....

Tax Functionality System .....easy enough i guess..

Not sure about the rest......but I am sure others here will be able to help.

BTW welcome to will find that it can do all that you want.....

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