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Product pricing based on other attributes
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-08-08

Hi Folks,

I am a newbie.. and was confused as to how to setup a product with the scenario mentioned below..

There is a product .. lets say.. a PhotoBook of size 10 x 10 inches… which costs $20 .. sku -> 1234
by defaut.. if the customer orders this product.. this comes with 20 free pages…
any extra page would cost him $1 extra to the book cost..

so.. my queries are…
1) by entering this url.. i am able to get to the product page..
but.. the cost of the product is dependent on the other attribute called the pages..
so based on the number of pages… the shopping cart should add the extra amount to the original cost
and proceed for checkout… and how can i setup this attribute on that product ???

2) there is an application which will hit the shopping cart using an url and passes the product id and the number of pages the photobook has… now i need to capture this extra “pages” attribute from the url into the shopping cart.. how can i do that ?.. for example… “;=20”
magneto would take me to the product page.. but i also want it to consider the pages option from the url and calculate the price..
please help..


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