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Creating a multistage purchase process/path for a photography and framing service
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I am looking at using Magento to create a shop to sell photographs in various sizes either unframed, or with various framing options. Ideally I would like a multistage purchase process so the customer selects an image, then chooses a size, before being offered the option to chose a frame, ideally the customer would only be able to chose from those that are the correct size for the picture and see only the corresponding prices.

I think I could achieve this in part by creating my framing options and setting them as complimetory to the images they would work with, and then using some custom text to suggest that the purchaser might like to chose a frame.

Essentially though I would still have two discreet purchase, as apposed to a purchase flow. Also I will have to list each image several times at the various sizes (rather than allowing the user to select an image and chose a size) so I can then specify complimentary frames.

I would really appreciate any suggestions as to how I might be able to create a purchase path as I have described, or something similar.

Thanks in advance.

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