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I have found a bug (of the logical type, the worst kind....) when editing an order which has products that are out of stock.

The problem is this: Magento tries to add the products from the “old” order onto the new order, but it can’t (since the products are out of stock), so what you get is an order whitout the products that are out of stock (even though they are present on the “old” order.

This happens because: Magento releases the products on an order when you cancel the order, but when you edit an order the “old” order is not cancelled until you save the “new” order.

This is a pretty serious flaw since you could easily end up with incomplete orders if you’re not aware of the issue, not to mention how cumbersome it is to edit orders of this kind; press edit order -> save the “new” order (to cancel the “old” order) -> open the “old” order to see which product(s) that was ordered -> add the product(s) to the “new” order.

Does anyone have any ideas on this one? Magento-team?

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