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Configure for unique home page + default theme on rest of site + iphone theme
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-07-04

I’d like to know if anybody has successfully setup a website that does the following:
Magento v1.1.1 / iPhone theme v1.1

1) Have the modern theme or even just a static index.php or .html page show up on ONLY the home page.  Then when you click the home page it takes you into the main default theme, where the rest of the site looks just like the default demo site.  It is as simple as just replacing the index.php file in the root directory? Do I then just point all my links to the appropriate pages thereafter.  Or is it better to do this under the CMS-->manage pages section? 

2) Then I’d like to configure the iphone theme so that ONLY the menu headers show up on the main page when browsing using an iphone.  Those would be just the bold headers that display on the iphone currently.  Then when you click on the main menu item, it takes you to the product categories under that header.  Currently it looks like the iphone theme displays both the main menu headers and the product categories.  With a lot of products it get to be too much.

3) If that’s too hard to change, then I’d settle for having the main menu headers show up as different color on the iphone. 

I’d love to know how to setup my website so that it’s working similar to this configuration.
Thanks for your help!

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