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Entity tables and foreign key constraints
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What would the possible ramifications be of dropping the foreign key constraints FK_CUSTOMER_ADDRESS_CUSTOMER_ID and FK_CUSTOMER_{standard types}_ENTITY so that another table can be used as the entity table for customers? I’m working on a joomla integration, and I’ve got magento authenticating against the joomla users table (following the basic outline given in Guide to Programming with Magento) along with saving the basic magento customer information (firstname/lastname, shipping and billing address). However, I had to drop the foreign key constraints given above to achieve this, particularly FK_CUSTOMER_ADDRESS_CUSTOMER_ID.

I’m really just starting to learn about magento, and I’m curious if this is a recommended path for integration with other systems? It would be nice to not have to import user credentials into magento and creat accounts which had to be kept in sync, etc. And it seems that the EAV database model allows for that possibility. However, I don’t know if it’s wise.


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