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Unable to make single page ssl secure by use of proxy (relay-script)
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Hello Magento developers,

I am a developer of the Danish Payment Gateway ePay. Currently I work on an update for our payment module where the goal is to integrate the payment window within the same layout of Magento. At the moment I have implemented a paypal like payment window which pops up in the payment process.

However I have run into problems with the baseurl of Magento. My test server has the ip and the website is located at

In order to fulfill the Danish PCI requirements I have to encrypt the page where the credit card information is entered by SSL. To do so we at ePay have a proxy this fetches the HTML from the webserver and displays it to the user. This also saves the merchant for money as the merchant does not need to buy their own SSL certificate.

In the payment process the URL becomes this:

However as the baseurl is images, css, javascript etc are all called absolute e.g instead of

Is it somehow possible to change the baseurl temporary on the fly in order to load images, js, css and other includes properbly? I can see that the baseurl is loaded from the function getBaseUrl located in the /mage/core/model/store.php file but I would rather not do any modifications to the core files - that would be extremely ugly.

Kind regards

Thomas Knudsen
ePay | Dit Online Betalingssystem

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