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404s, 404s, 404s. 
Chris McCorkle
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-08-07
Savannah, GA

Just downloaded and installed Magento on DreamHost- installation went smoothly. I have updated the php5 cgi file and made the necessary changes within the .htaccess to get things running decently, and not spit out a hard 404 error, and instead show me the nice Magento 404 page.

Now I am having a few issues:
1) Some pages work, and some pages don’t. For example, the home page gives me a 404. The login works. The My Account does not. The About Us page does work. Nothing else does.

2) I cannot add a new administrator in the admin back-end. It just doesn’t stick. But issue #1 is far more important for now.

Do you have any ideas? Any known fixes?

The URL is:

Please help. ‘Tis needed greatly.

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