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Hide “advanced” attributes from general public, show to logged-in “professional” customers? 
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Is there a way to hide “advanced” attributes (about 20-25 per product) from the majority of visitors, but display them to a specific “Tier” of logged-in “Pro Users”? Similar to presenting one set of prices to “general users”, and another set of prices for “preferred customers”?

Our customer base includes end-users, as well as designers/architects/contractors. The two categories of customers have completely different levels of understanding - as well as different “need to know” areas.

On one hand, I would love to show the “Pro Users” every little detail about the product - which they need in order to integrate them into their design / production. On the other hand, most retail customers would be outright scared by a layered-navigation menu with 50+ items (which will include esoterica like “current phase”, “minimum reducible height”, and “control plate maximum thickness").

Can this be done? If so - how???

I have a last-resort tactic of setting up two separate stores (albeit driven by the same database/imagebase) - (general access, simple, cute, clean) and (passworded, with tons of technical scary info). However, I would rather not get into the organizational nightmare of multi-domain operations, if there’s a simple way to hide the attributes.

Any advice, even general pointers, would be much appreciated.

P.S. Magento is awesome. So is Crucial Web Hosting!

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This will require customization.

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