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Purchased Product Quantities changing from 1 to 2 during order processing!?!?!? 
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Joined:  2008-03-14

Hi again - another oddity we’re seeing with our Mage store is as follows.  (We’ve seen this at least twice in production and a few times in QA but can’t duplicate it purposefully so we’re hoping someone out there in Mageland has seen this and knows what’s going on.)

The customer has one or more items in their cart and the item Quantity is 1 for each item.  We’re certain of this because, due to the nature of the products we sell, you can only ever buy 1, so we’ve disabled the text input fields of the cart so they are “physically” stuck with the value of 1. (The quantity phtml is still present: the text field is just disabled so it can’t be edited.) Now then, the user checks out, paying via credit card, and the confirm order shows quantify 1 for all items with the correct line item subtotals and order total.  The user then makes the purchase and the order confirmation, both on screen and in email, has all item quantities increased to 2, and the line item subtotals are doubled. 

Now, the REALLY weird thing in this: as I mentioned in a prior post, we have transaction logging logic at the end of the credit card processing logic and when it fetches the effective order (using more or less the same approach the module uses to disect the order) and logs it, the quantities are all correct (at 1) as are the line item subtotals.

Anyone seen anything like this?



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