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opccheckout.js cripples authorize seal script -totally hopeless case
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Joined:  2007-08-31

I’d been spending days to try to make the authorize seal co-exist with prototype ajax script, but it doesn’t seem possible. Authorize support is of no help at all, the company can’t even give me a PNG format seal. Enough rant!

This is my last attempt, the code is placed in progress.html, it appears to be working but only after step 4, it disappear again, this time I concluded it’s opchcheckout.js causing it.

I have tried placing authorize code in header.phtml, footer.html, cc.phtml, payment_method.phtml, and a new template just for the onepage checkkout. The seal either not showing up at all or disapper after few click.

Michael, you mentioned about fixing the js script, I wonder if this includes the opccheckout.js?


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